11/07/2015 – Let’s Go Cycling- Railway Reserves Heritage Trail

The boys were very keen to go on a cycle ride that I had told them about – The Heritage Railway Cycle Trail.  I had managed to borrow a couple of bikes for them to use while they were in Perth.


This from Phillip’s phone, a picture of our first stop for the day.  We are viewing the Hovea Falls.


Always a beautiful place, whatever the season.


I love this photo taken on Tom’s phone.  Just look at Phillip – he looks stuffed already.  The face says it all.


Now stand nicely boys and let me take a nice photo!


Oh, and who is going to push who off the rock?  Settle down boys, we don’t want any broken legs just yet.


Somehow they managed to get me to go through the tunnel with them.  So far, I had managed to avoid the tunnel, I don’t have good lights – but that didn’t matter as we barreled through without lights.   When I say “we barreled through” I actually mean, they barreled through, I was a long way behind and taking it real easy.  Not a nice experience and one I do not care to repeat.


Here we are on a very nice gravel road, enjoying the sunshine and the road.  We also enjoyed lunch at the Mt Helena Tavern, then decided that this was a good half way spot, so we turned around and returned back to the car.  A great day.


Happy boys. Some good memories to hold on to.

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