25/4/2015 – Net Fishing 30kms north of Leeman


One of our small group has a net fishing licence, so we get set to go out and try our luck.  But first we have to modify the nets and add extra weights to the bottom of the net so that it will hang down to the sand and trap the fish.  I am happy to learn a new skill, but someone thinks he is the supervisor!!!!!


Here I am adding weights to the bottom of the net.


And yet another shot of the supervisor, making sure everyone is doing the right thing!!!!


Two of the guys are preparing the kayak, ready to take the net out in the cold water and let it out slowly along the way.


Finally ready, we set off up the coast.  Sid led us to a beautiful, secluded beach. Wow! Soft sand, blue, calm water and the place to ourselves.  All we need now is fish.


We hop up on the sand dunes to see if any fish can be seen.  What a great spot.


Much fussing around with the kayak and net, stick in the sand to hold the start of the net and then we send Roger out in the kayak with the net to feed it out.


There he goes, doing a great job.


Here’s the first mullet that we caught. Only two in the first sweep, we did not have our act together (much shouting, cursing and blaming)(in our defense the water was very cold, and I didn’t want to get my shorts wet!) and most of them got away. Better luck next time.


Ahh! Next time we get a sting ray in our net and have to back off and let him do what he wants.  He finally jumps over the net having scared most of the fish back out again.


But look – the Supervisor is doing some work and has picked up a fish!!!   We caught about a dozen in this sweep and called it a day, it is harder work than it looks. PerfectPlace

View looking the other way just to show how beautiful this place is.


And here’s the boys gallantly scaling and preparing the fish for cooking.  I also must say that the guys did all of the cooking and preparing and the food was wonderful.  Thanks a lot guys, I had a great weekend.

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  1. Elizabeth Martin

    Ah Pamela, love it! This supervisor bloke, I’m a bit puzzled. I can’t imagine you letting ANYONE supervise YOU girl! I think he was just supervising the OTHER guys, yeah? Xx

    Sent from my iPhone



    • Yeah Lizzie, You are right, I wasn’t listening to him anyway. (Poor dear had a broken thumb and couldn’t do any work!!!)


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