24/04/2015 – Stockyard Gully Caves on Quad Bikes


After arriving in Leeman Friday evening, we had a good sleep and were up bright and early ready to have a ride on the quad bikes.  Having been told of some local caves, Diet, Marcel and myself set off ready for an adventure.


Adventure maybe, but I did get off and walk down a couple of hills.  I still had sore ribs from my mountain bike fall at Easter and was not keen to upset them.


We saw some beautiful banksia on the way.


Here we are at Stockyard Gully Caves, read the sign and doesn’t it look dangerous??? What with feral bees, flash floods and quicksand I am not sure that we will survive this trip!!


It was a beautiful walk to the caves, past this gnarled tree which was a rare sight, it appeared to be growing along the land.


The beginning of Stockyard Tunnel, wonderfully cool, and what is that strange buzzing that I hear???


The end of Stockyard Tunnel, and the buzzing sound is still there.


Some of the feral bees had made themselves at home in the roof of the outer cave, they made quite a sight and sound.


Just outside the caves, showing an intriguing tree growing out of the side of the cliff.


After the caves we set off to find some more road to conquer.


Woops, you can’t win ’em all.  I sat on the pillion seat for this one and shut my eyes!


The view from the top of the sand dune.  I particularly like the flying saucer in the sky – didn’t notice it when I took the photo.

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