3/4/2015 – Pemberton Caravan Park – Easter Camp – Action Outdoors Association

“The 2015 Easter camp is 4 nights at Pemberton Caravan Park. There will be a range of accommodation options including, various cabin types, tent and campervan sites. The camp is located in Pemberton about 330 km south of Perth. The park is handy for the Bibbulmun track, mountain bike trails and other walks as well as being close the Pemberton town centre.”


I arrived late on the Thursday evening, so spent a lazy Friday morning watching others get ready for action. Here are Rick and Andy pondering on finer bicycle details.


Christine is also relaxing and taking it easy with a coffee.


The Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree in the Warren National Park is a 15 minute drive from the Pemberton township, and off the Old Vasse Road. The Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree lookout was first pegged in 1988 as part of Australia’s bicentennial celebrations. At 75m above the ground, it is the tallest with a 360-degree view of old growth Karri forest.


And yes, I did climb up it.  We cycled out to the tree from Pemberton, climbed up the tree, and rode back. Unfortunately on the way back I slipped off my bike on the gravel road and damaged my ribs, so had to take it easy for the rest of the weekend. Very disappointing.  I had to have x-rays back in Perth, but luckily no fractures, however – VERY SORE.Tree

This amazing tree is centuries old, it was painted in the late 1800s by Marianne North and is unchanged today.  I managed to get a lift out to have a look at it, and that was my Easter – I left early to get some x-rays taken of my poor ribs.

“The Marianne North Tree, a huge misshapen karri, is named after the English artist who painted it in 1880. An intrepid traveller, Marianne North recorded flora from around the world with her paintbrush. She came to Australia in 1880 and spent much time painting the scenery and flora of the south-west of Western Australia. Her painting of this tree now hangs in the Marianne North Gallery at the Kew Botanic Gardens in England with more than 800 of her other paintings.”


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