20/2/2015 – A short cycle along local beach front

I decided to rectify the fact that I hadn’t even cycled from where I live in North Lake to Fremantle and southwards along the coast to Coogee Beach.  So took the morning off with a cycling buddy and went out to explore.


We had our first look at the beach just south of Fremantle. Looking south.


And looking north. You can just see the container ships waiting to go into Port.  As we walked on to the beach, American tourists in front of us were commenting on the “Beware of snakes” sign, when a metre long snake slithered out of the dunes and crossed the path in front of us.  Rather a surprise, it didn’t wait to be photographed, and I had to advise the visitors not to go in search of it for their desired photo!


Nearby pelican posing beautifully.


We were also lucky enough to spot a seal while chatting to a nearby fishing couple – don’t suppose they will catch much fish here, but they were happy to give advice on bait and where to fish.


I believe this sculpture was once entered in the Cottesloe ‘Sculptures by the Sea” but will have to get more details on that.  She is certainly hanging on tight and hasn’t been blown away yet.


Again the pelican comes in for a closer look.


Just having a little rest, soaking up the sun, enjoying the peaceful scenery and the beauty of the day.

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