15/02/2015 – Little Girl and Diver Giant leave Perth

Sunday morning saw a different picture from the Swan River.


This really was the calm before the storm, we got there nice and early to get a good spot. But of course a ‘good spot’ on the water, is very different to a good spot on land, lots of argey bargey and pushing around, words were spoken – to a large man with an expensive looking boat who had a very long anchor rope and was swinging around in the current commanding a great deal of space.  A new experience for me, I watched on in silence, taking it all in.  River Police came by to tell us all that we were in the wrong place, tempers were fraying, people got moved on, but we, luckily in a small boat stayed where we were and had a terrific view.


Some of the nearby boats, this picture doesn’t actually quite do justice to the feeling of being crammed in by vessels, while all the time more boats were turning up and looking for spots to anchor.


A quick fly by from the Air Force (? not sure who this was actually, can anyone help?) quietened the crowd down somewhat – is the action ready to begin?


Yes, here is the Little Girl Giant, walking along by the river.


People have been waiting for hours in the sun to see this, and the crowd surges forward, luckily they were fairly well behaved.


Here is the Diver again, on his way to leave Perth.


The Diver and the Little Girl and hoisted unceremoniously onto the waiting barge.


Sat down and made comfortable.


As the barge turns to leave, a smaller boat circles it pouring out smoke that eventually surrounds and covers the Giants.




The smoke totally covered the barge and the Giants, silence fell on the crowd, we waited, and when the smoke lifted the barge had disappeared downriver, it seemed to have disappeared.  The crowd just stood there motionless and quiet.  An amazing experience.


The entire weekend for me wouldn’t have been possible without this lovely boat, and its cheerful skipper, Marcel.  So thanks a bunch, I had a ball.

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