14/2/2015 – Out in a boat to see the Giants

As part of the Perth International Arts Festival 2015, the incredible, phenomenal journey of The Giants took to the streets of Perth.   I was lucky enough to witness some of the journey, Part 1 shows our trip in a boat to discover if we can actually see some the The Giants for ourselves far from the crowded footpaths.


Firstly discover the black swans of the Swan River, Perth.  Gentle and placid, they are ever present on any visit to the Swan River.


The Queensland phrase “Beautiful one day, perfect the next” also aptly fits Perth, Western Australia.  I have fallen in love with this city and its beautiful surrounds.



And as always there are people out enjoying the river in their vessels.


It is difficult to stop photographing these beautiful boats.

More yacht

And again.


My best authority says that these are “couta” boats – A couta boat is a type of boat sailed in Victoria, around Sorrento and Queenscliff and along Victoria’s west coast as far west as Portland. It was originally used as a traditional fishing boat around the coast there from around 1870 until the 1930s, although it survived as a commercial fishing vessel until the 1950s.


Someones amazing residence by the water, complete with boat house.


And here’s a crane that friend, Marcel has worked in, great view of the river and Perth from up there, (so I am told, and no I haven’t been up there – yet!).


and another yacht for the boat enthusiasts.


We were also lucky enough to view the Dufkyn motoring in to harbour on our journey up the Swan River.  This is a replica of the original vessel,  which sailed under the command of Willem Janszoon in 1606.  He and the crew sailed beyond Os Papuas (Papua New Guinea)and explored and chartered part of the coast of Nova Guinea. They did not find gold – but they did find the northern coast of a huge continent: Australia. Captain Janszoon was the first European to map and record Australia in history so Duyfken‘s voyage marks the beginning of Australia’s recorded history.


A fabulous way to relax and enjoy the sun and the scenery.


At last we start to near the city itself.

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