29/12/2014 – Birthday Time – Margaret River Christmas/New Year Camp Part 6

I have been writing poems for some friends to thank them for their help last year.  It was very touching for me to get one back, thanks Linda, and so thoughtful to read it out loud to the whole group!  I just have to record it here for posterity.


AOA is Action Outdoors Association based in WA

As this birthday has approached

Pamela has said, “No, no”

I don’t want a celebration.

I’m afraid of maturation.

I want to stay both young and free,

I want to hike and see the sea,

Read my Blog and you will see,

How AOA has set me free.

Perth’s my Kingdom, I’m the Queen,

I love the freedom and the fun, playing tennis in the sun.

The Queen of Jive, and Rock & Roll,

And round North Lake I like to stroll.

The op shops are my own domain,

And in this Kingdom I’ll remain.

Of Perth I am now a resident

And of AOA – Vice President.

All I want is a bit of work,

Some days of teaching special kids.

Just some cash to pay the rent,

And lots of time with my clarinet?

I swan around in Linda’s house,

Dispensing professional garden advice.

I do the cooking, eggs and ham,

Topped with garlic – parmesan.

I read the books, go to book club,

I do the shopping when I have to.

And wash the dishes when I must

I even vacuum, but never dust.

I mow the lawn and feed the cat

And visit neighbours for a chat.

But what I love to do the best,

Is plan cycle activities and rest.

And best of all we love you dearly,

You’ve brightened our lives, not just merely

The social side but also your get up and go,

Lifts all of us when we feel  low.

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