29/12/2014 – Birthday time – Margaret River Christmas/New Year Camp Part 5

I was lucky enough to celebrate a birthday while on camp with a lot of my friends. Linda gleefully informed the entire group that it was my big day and someone suggested that we meet on the beach at sunset to have a few drinks and get together.


And a great idea it proved to be. Thanks to everyone for making this a very memorable birthday.


And yes, it is all about me!


Here she is!


And again, but look, the glass is empty!!!


That’s better.  And now we are really happy.


Others are also enjoying this beautiful evening.


I couldn’t have chosen a better place for a birthday drink.


The three wise women managed to give me a smile all at the same time.


I took a quiet moment out to appreciate how lucky I am to have made such wonderful friends, and to be having such a good time in such a beautiful place.


The evening was finished off by dinner with the girls.   Thanks for the loan of the jacket Pam, I’ll try to remember to take one with me next time!

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3 thoughts on “BIRTHDAY GIRL

  1. Hotmail

    And may all your remaining birthdays be just as happy! Ps I was able to read the whole message off the phone without logging in???

    Margie Flaherty Sent from my iPhone


    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Margie, it is also so good to see you enjoying your travels. AT LAST.


    • That’s good, you’ll have no excuses anymore about not reading my blogs! Must get one of them smartphones soon. You’ll have to start a blog up yourself. Love reading all of your FB posts, so glad you two are finally off travelling. Me, I’m just sitting here with sore ribs, can’t do anything for now.


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