28/12/2014 – Margaret River Christmas/New Year Camp Part 3

Liz and I decided to have a quieter day and just have a small ride to the famous local surf spots, plus I wanted to have a look at the mouth of the Margaret River.


First stop was to admire this Russell Sheridan sculpture, I think she would have looked better without the addition of green knickers and scarf.  But an interesting addition to the local environment, and you can see where we are headed, just look at those waves.

Cyclists View

Doesn’t that look inviting?


I didn’t know where to look first.  I love watching surf. Unfortunately it wasn’t huge on this particular day, but there was a weird assortment of dedicated surfies, old and young, (some looked like they had been there since the hippies!).


A look back the other way, sea, sand and surf everywhere. Stunning weather and stunning scenery.


Checking the surfers out!

Surfhead6Surfers Point/Mainbreak: home to the Margaret River Pro, Surfers Point is internationally renowned as one of the main surf breaks along the south-west coastline – it has a big peak and is very consistent. When over 12 foot the left will line up all the way into the bay. South side is also a big heavy wave that will require lots of paddling. For something bigger still a few hundred metres to the south is a big tow-in wave known as Bombie. Lastly, there are a few outer reef breaks further south off the boat ramp.


Around to the right is where the Margaret River comes out into the sea.

Surfhead3Just trying the fish eye out on my new camera, and yes, it works. Check out the guy to the right of the picture, he is fishing!

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