27/11/2014 – Hooray, another trip to Kangaroo Island

I am very happy to be visiting Liz and Scott again at their lovely home on Kangaroo Island.


This time my luxurious bedroom is a tent, decked out with all mod cons – carpet, bed, torch.  Lovely and peaceful in the bush.


At night I can hear the possums and kangaroos jumping around outside.  The night birds call and frogs croak, I love it.  Plus there is the beautiful walk from the house down in the peace and moonlight to the tent.


Scott is extending the ‘shack’ so they can accommodate more WWOOFers (


Despite Liz and Scott being away for a large part of the year (cycling Cuba and Canada), the garden is looking good. Those WWOOFers must be working hard!


Plus the usual beautiful wildlife, this photo taken from inside the kitchen!  Beat that!  How could you not love this place?


“Did we hear a noise?”


“We did!”


More wildlife!   This little fellow was disturbed when Scott moved some black plastic, and there he/she was looking after some eggs.


Shell Beach (well that’s what I named it – and maybe everybody else that has seen it), absolutely covered in little shells, crushed, broken and whole ones. On the property, and on my walk to the tent.


Also on the property, with a view of the new house, (central right you can just see the roof). Great place, great company.

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