November 2014   Using the new camera

Recently my faithful digital camera of 12 years has failed to work, forcing me to buy a new camera.  Digital cameras have certainly improved over the last 12 years and they come with volumes of instructions, I have put a lot of effort into learning some of these instructions, but must say “Thank God for the automatic button!”


Pitcher plants on Rosie’s balcony in Nambour, not in perfect focus, but honestly they did keep moving! (Windy in Nambour)


At least the pineapple in Rosie’s garden didn’t move around so much.


I am very happy with the Kookaburra shots, they at least stood still for me.


And here is his brother, just look at those beaks.


The beautiful Flame tree as seen in mum and dad’s garden, Bundaberg.


Very happy with this seagull, from Liz’s kitchen window on Kangaroo Island, that is more like the standard I am aiming at.


Still trying to get the perfect Blue Wren photo, as you can see, this isn’t it.  They move very fast.

KangaroosAgain from inside Liz’s kitchen, what else would you expect on Kangaroo Island.


Last but not least, a centipede guarding its eggs, again on Kangaroo Island.

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