October 2014   Cycling the Munda Biddi Trail – Day Trip Only

At last a chance to cycle a small part of the Munda Biddi Trail.

The Munda Biddi Trail (which means path through the forest in the Noongar Aboriginal language)  is fast becoming a world-class nature-based off-road cycling experience. There are few places left in the world where a 1000km track could be built through an undeveloped natural corridor. Combine Western Australia’s vast areas of unspoiled forests and bushland, gentle terrain, and year-round cycling weather, and you have the ideal setting for an off-road cycle trail.


Met up with cycling buddy Bruce in Rockingham and we drove to Jarrahdale with our bikes. Bruce knows this track well, which is good and bad for me. Good in that I can just follow and don’t have to worry about where we are, just enjoy the ride. Bad in that I don’t learn about the ride because I am not concentrating on where we are going, and what if we get separated???  in some places there are multiple tracks leading off.  Resolve to get myself some maps before I go again, then I will be able to return and still find my way around.


It is very peaceful, no car sounds, just bird noises and rustling leaves.


I am enjoying trying out my new camera, but need to do a lot more work on reading the manual and practicing with different settings.  I am still only working on automatic (the camera that is).


Next, I will have to get a plant identification book so that I can name some of these beautiful flowers.


And here is a lovely white flower!  (See what I mean?)


And here is a lovely blue flower.  Any help with flower names will be gratefully received and possibly acknowledged.  (JIM!)


Here we have a Banksia flower of May Gibbs fame.


And who could forget those nasty Banksia men?


A beautiful day in the Western Australian bush. And I didn’t get lost, but we both managed to get a puncture right at the end of the ride.

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