7 October 2014   Cheryl and Pamela on the Heritage Railway Cycle Trail

Having cycled this great cycle trail (50km) with local cycling MeetUp group, I was planning to take Cheryl.  She was keen to do a decent length cycle ride without the pressure of having to keep up with a group.  I thought that this ride would be a great start for her, and we could take all day to complete the ride (and it is after all a possible two pancake stop ride) so – WHY NOT?   Having made sure that I would not get us lost and could actually find the start of the trail, thanks Bruce, we put our bikes on my bike rack and off we went, through rush hour traffic to Bellevue RSL parking.


The Hovea Falls, first stop on the trail.

Slowly uphill all of the way, just a gradual climb and beautiful weather, perfect day.


Just making sure that we get proof positive of the effort that has been expended.


Colourful rock background.


A local tourist was happy to take a snap of both of us at the falls.  We thought we had better get a photo while we were still smiling.


Another stop by little bridge over babbling water.   And guess who dropped her apple in the water and made me go and retrieve it as it floated off downstream????  (“Quick, hurry up or you’ll lose it”).  Nothing’s changed in 35 years!


We enjoyed this area unaware that we were lost until we set off once more (the wrong way).


Another shot for posterity, then a quick trip in to see the Ranger and find out where the cycle trail goes. (Not my fault the track was being upgraded in places and detours had been put in place but not signed very well).


We were visited by this very tame ‘wild bird’ who was obviously used to picking up crumbs from cyclists and walkers, it actually took an apple core out of my hand.


Quick, get a photo of the parrot.


Cheeky blighters actually.


Finally, another rest stop, lunch and a long cold drink.


And, she’s still smiling, (but whingeing about sore legs).  I keep telling Cheryl that it is all downhill on the way back to the car, I don’t think she believes me, but it’s true!   once we get to the top that is.


Through Glen Forest.  That’s more like it, as we head for home at a rate of knots, looking out for some big holes that I remember from last time.


Thanks Cheryl for a great day that we will both remember.  We won’t get another chance for quite a while, but we will certainly go cycling together again next year.

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