6/09/2014  An Action Outdoors Association activity.

Trip Introduction reads “This shortened but rewarding walk passes through the Paruna Sanctuary in the Avon Valley. The sanctuary is surrounded by a vermin proof fence making it a safe haven for many of our rare and threatened mammals. While we may not see the animals, the lovely bush and valley views make this a ‘must do’ if you’ve never walked here before. Entry fees go towards the work of Australian Wildlife Conservancy.”


Around 400 species of plants are likely to occur on Paruna, including a number of priority species. A field herbarium has been established, with over 240 plants collected and identified to date, providing a valuable reference for ecologists.


We got completely saturated in the first five minutes of the walk.  I had reasoned that as it was only a half day walk, I would just get wet and put up with it and have a hot shower upon returning home.  Others obviously had different ideas!  Ever seen anyone bush walking with an umbrella?


Two drowned rats, Liz and Linda.

Paruna Sanctuary, in the beautiful Avon Valley east of Perth, forms an important wildlife corridor that links two regionally significant National Parks – Walyunga National Park and Avon Valley National Park – to create a combined protected area of approximately 19,500 ha.  Flanked by the regionally significant Avon-Swan River, Paruna features stunning woodlands of Wandoo and Powderbark.

Fencing of the southern boundary of the sanctuary, combined with a regional feral animal control program, has allowed the successful reintroduction of two key mammal species to Paruna sanctuary and the adjacent National Parks – the nationally endangered Black-flanked Rock-wallaby and the Tammar Wallaby.


And – all of you non Western Australians, they are not called Black Boys any more, they are now known as Xanthorrhoea much more politically correct don’t you know.


Spider Orchid


Taking a break and trying to dry out are: Ros, Annie, Clive and Linda.


Up and over the hill, round the bend, over the next rise, round the corner and back to the cars, home and a steaming hot shower.

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