June 2014 – About time I got out on my bike and explored some of the local area.  The bike tracks in Perth are wonderful, and they have bike tracks alongside the freeways which means that many people can commute quickly and efficiently on their bikes.  From where I live I can follow a bike track alongside the freeway until I reach the Swan River and then I can cycle for miles West or East along the Swan River.


Heading south towards Fremantle, this day, the water was so calm and peaceful, I stopped to enjoy the views and the tranquility.



The local Black Swans are also enjoying themselves, fishing and preening themselves.


You can just see Perth over the river.

Entering the cycle track from a different place on a different day, we have Point Heathcote.

View from Point Heathcote

View from Point Heathcote

Looking the other way, South Perth Yacht Club, plenty of wealth around these parts.  Perth in the background.


Here we have Raffles Waterfront, Applecross.

FromPtHeathcote4If we follow the cycle track westerly by the river, the scenery is stunning.  Blue sky, blue water, a calm breeze, yachts, row boats, people fishing, jogging, walking, cycling – magic day.

Following Cycle Track

Following Cycle Track

More of the same.

More of the same.

From Point Walter

From Point Walter

Point Walter

Point Walter

I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t it Ratty in Wind in the Willows who said “There is nothing quite as nice as messing around by the river!”  I agree.

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One thought on “SWAN RIVER

  1. Chris

    Looks beautiful. Good to hear the bike’s getting a workout. And you of course.


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