On the last afternoon of the camp I asked the girls if anyone wanted to come with me to Blue Holes, a snorkelling spot close by, to see if the weather was calm enough for snorkelling.  Liz and Pam jumped at the chance, so we piled into the van and off we went. Unfortunately we had neglected to notice something…..

Look carefully at front of van.

Look carefully at front of van.


On Thursday we drowned, first rain in six months!

But quad bikes kept revving as scenery stunned.

So wet at the finish, the cold bit in hard,

Soaked to the skin, (loved the heat in the car).

But where was the sun next morning to dry

Clothes, shoes and jackets? No heaters nearby!

All morning I toiled drying clothes on the chairs,

Our shoes were sodden, too wet to wear.

Come arvo we drove (the road was 5 k)

To see the Blue Holes, just round the bay.

We drove blithely on, then a missile flew past!!!!

Over the windscreen, I was aghast!

We’ve hit a bird! “Oh what did we do?”

Then a voice from the front cried “that was a shoe!”

“A shoe? No it can’t be, A shoe cannot fly”

There’s no-one to throw it and traffic has died.

Slowly it hit me….. 4 socks and 4 shoes

I’d laid on the bull bar (Bloody smart ruse!)

So we turned back the camper, we kept looking ’round

For all of our footwear, right ’round the town?

One sock is missing…, we’ve searched everywhere

But it hunkered down low, it must love it up there!

So Kalbarri has gained from our Easter sojourn.

My sock’s joined the locals, My love’s been spurned.

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One thought on “THE TALE OF THE LOST SOCK!!

  1. Pam Best

    Good one!



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