21/04/2014 Cliff Top walk with Wendy and Pam

Island Rock

Island Rock

Linda and I took Pam and Wendy for a short drive south of Kalbarri to see the walking trails and sandstone cliffs that plunge more than 100 metres to the ocean.  They came up to Kalbarri by bus and so didn’t have any transport.

Natural Bridge

Natural Bridge

We took the short walk along the Bigurda Boardwalk between Natural Bridge and Island Rock.


More amazing coastline showing the turbulent seas.



The Shellhouse Grandstand formed by the continual pounding of the Indian Ocean, leaving remnant cliff formations.

More coastal scenery

More coastal scenery

Just admiring the view!

Pot Alley

Pot Alley

Pot Alley was named by local crayfishermen after losing many pots to this hazardous rocky cove.


More rock formations at Pot Alley.

Linda, Wendy and Pam

Linda, Wendy and Pam

We ended our trip with lunch at the beach. Thanks girls for a great morning out.

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  1. Marcia Evans

    Thanks for including me. Love the photos and I caught up on some of your journeys. Great photos as usual. We went to Walpole in the 1985, do they still have the sign at the entrance that says it is the town that time forgot?!!!


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