18/04/2014   We arrived at Kalbarri, I settled into my cabin, and was joined later by the three ladies who were sharing the cabin with me, Wendy, Pam and Lizzie.  I consider myself very lucky to have met these three, they were lovely women and made my holiday much more enjoyable, they included me in their fun and we had some great times and laughs together.

Top of Z Bend 2

Top of Z Bend

The first side trip was into the Kalbarri National Park, to a gorge called Z Bend.  Sun on different coloured layers of rocks, water running through the gorge, true Australian scenery.

Hiking down into Z Bend

Hiking down into Z Bend

The river track access from the lookout encounters loose rocks, steep descents and ladder climbs with spectacular scenery.

Bottom of Z Bend

Bottom of Z Bend

This is what greets you at the end of the descent!



More rocks

The gorge plunges 150m down to the river below where red river gums create a striking contrast against the earthy Tumblagooda sandstone.



AOA Swimmers!

AOA Swimmers!

Swimmers in foreground and background, a well deserved rest stop.

On the way back up

On the way back up

More up to go

More up to go

A fantastic day, sore feet, parched throat, tight muscles, but so worth it, brought back so many memories of other areas of Australia I have visited previously.

Nature's Window

Nature’s Window

To be at Nature’s Window during Easter is to wait for an hour to get your photo taken at this very well known photographic and well photographed spot.  Kind of takes the edge off the pleasure of the place, so I did attempt this shot (above) instead of the much better known (below)….


other shot!  So here’s Nature’s Window. Beautiful place but too many tourists.

wpid-natureswindow1.jpg I even managed one with no people!  ‘Window’ to the right.

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  1. Chris and Bruce

    Looks beautiful. Very similar rock formations to the Kimberley. We must get back to WA.


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