26/12/2013   A Morning of Croquet!

Dad suggested that we spend the morning being taught croquet (by him), so we would better understand the finer points when he was trying to explain his game moves to us.  So Rose, Malcolm and I dutifully turned up at his place at 8am in order to beat the worst of the sun.  IT WAS HOT. We hurried off to the Croquet Club before we changed our minds.

The Demo

The Demo

You do it like this!  Actually it was fun, this game is like a cross between snooker and chess. Well we got the snooker bit, but I have never been much good at chess.

Rose having a go

Rose having a go

It may look easy but like snooker that ball never goes where it is supposed to!  Then you have to remember which coloured ball is yours and whose turn it is, not easy when you are laughing at other people’s mistakes.  So we did have a few serious violations of the rules.

Dad Malcolm Rose

Dad Malcolm Rose

Malcolm trying to work out which ball is his and which way to hit it!



“Why did I ever think this was a good idea?”

We all had a good time and lasted a couple of hours in the hot sun, then retired home for lunch with mum.  After lunch Rose and I went in for a much more relaxing past time.


Watering the garden as per Chris’s instructions.


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