A visit from the Storm Bird

A visit from the Storm Bird

We were excited to see a storm bird fly down into the garden (having heard it calling for a number of weeks) and sit on the bird bath.  He didn’t appear to be at all scared and stayed for a while.  I didn’t try to get too close for fear of causing him to fly off, but I was able to crop the photo and get a more visible enlargement.

Common Koel?

Common Koel?

Dad was sure that this bird’s real name is the Common Koel but in the bird book it is shown with a buff coloured breast and this one was grey, so we are not sure.

Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragon

Mum and Dad’s pet.  Lives in their back garden.  He must catch his food by sitting very still because you can pick him up by the tail and move him around and he doesn’t blink an eye, he just sits and waits.

wpid-LittleFrog3.jpgMy absolute favourite, little frog, he is about 1cm in length, the tiniest frog I have ever seen. He was living among the reeds in Chris and Bruce’s back garden (but alas he is no longer there). For a little guy he had a very loud croak and he would blow his throat out at the same time.

wpid-LittleFrog1.jpgThen he looked like this.

And here is his/her bigger friend. About 10 times the size, I only saw him on one night and they were calling to each other, we think, not sure if they were the same species or not.  Now we have tadpoles in the fishpond!!!  But don’t know if they are frogpoles or toadpoles, because there are a lot of cane toads in this area.BigFrog.jpg

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    I hope the cute little frog is not the bearded dragon’s dinner !!!

    Great pictures . See you soon. E

    Sent from my iPhone



    • Well, I have to tell you that little frog has disappeared, much to my dismay. He was around for about a week, I am hoping that he/she mated and moved on before being someone’s snack.


  2. Jeff

    Lovely pics! Particularly liked the 1st one of the little frog.


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