15/09/2013   Twin Waters, North Shore, Maroochydore.

Another perfect day, Rose decided we would go to Twin Waters, this beautiful beach is across the estuary from Maroochydore. We walked around the beach in the soft, warm sand watching families enjoying their Sunday out.  Boats moored on the beach, groups having BBQs on the beach, kids and dogs romping around.  What an idyllic setting.


Across the estuary you can see Maroochydore.  I have done my best to line these photographs up so they show the long beautiful beach, please let me know if it looks odd because I am not sure if the effect will be the same for all computers.

There we were enjoying the sun, relaxing on the beach, when we noticed some paragliders setting up. I have never seen this up close and was very interested to have a good look, so over we went. The weather was perfect for this sport, just the right amount of wind, blue seas, blue skies and sunshine. So I practised my photography and was very pleased with the results. Here are the best three.



As you can see, they came in really close to the shore, once when the wind blew the chutes very low we thought they were going to hook us up and drag us out over the waves, now that would have been an experience.

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  1. Jamali

    Weather and water looks amazing 🙂 glad your having fun x


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