17/5/2013 Quorn to Hawker 68kms
After much discussion and changing of minds it was decided to go to Hawker on the tarmac road. So an easyish day was had, we even had a tail wind for the later part of the journey.

Unknown nest in tree.

Unknown nest in tree.

LIz spotted several nests in a tree and stopped to take a photo. None of us could work out what had made this nest. It appeared to be made mostly of mud and was quite heavy, but was hanging from the tree by web. My best guess is some sort of wasp, but any suggestions would be appreciated.

One for Lindsay

One for Lindsay

This old car has seen better days, just dumped in a paddock.

Road to Hawker on the Mawson Trail.

Road to Hawker on the Mawson Trail.

We arrived in Hawker at about 4pm, time to settle in and plan the next few days.

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2 thoughts on “QUORN TO HAWKER

  1. This is a sawfly nest Pamela. They are a mallee eating caterpillar. if you were to smash open the nest it would be full of caterpillars that spit some sort of acidic vomit to scare off would be predators.


  2. Mum & Dad

    Lovely to read about your travels. Very impressed. Rather you than us.


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