7/5/2013 Clare to Burra. 41.8 kms.
A hell of a day. The going was very tough, steep hills, dirt roads and a head wind. We were cycling (and pushing) uphill most of the day. Cycling from 10.15am to 4.45pm.
Looking back over way we have come.
Scott has another look at the map, have we really only come that far? We camped at the Burra Caravan Park and provided entertainment to the grey nomads who couldn’t believe we were cycling.

From Camels Hump road towards Clare


From Camels Hump Road looking towards Clare.

8/5/2013 Burra to Mt Bryan East School. 41.8 kms.
Another exhausting day, head winds all day, lots of hills and rough dirt roads. The old school is for the use of cyclists on the Mawson Trail, and walkers on the Heyson Trail. Scott saved the day by secretly buying Mars bars on his shopping run, and handing them out when we had no energy left, chocolate never tasted so good.

Liz is the speck in the distance.

Liz is the speck in the distance.

Heading towards Mt Bryan School in the late afternoon

Heading towards Mt Bryan School in the late afternoon

Old Mt Bryan East School

Old Mt Bryan East School

9/5/2013 Mt Bryan East to Hallett. 22kms.
Even stronger wind than yesterday. Pedalling downhill. However because we were changing direction, we did get a tailwind some of the time. Thoroughly exhausted by the time we reached Hallett, so we decided to stop for the day and have the afternoon off. First hundred kilometres over, and it has been a very hard few days. We have seen lots of kangaroos, sheep, and the locals are very friendly.

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6 thoughts on “CLARE TO HALLETT

  1. Blog looks great Pamela. Looks like great weather even if a bit windy and looks isolated. Lot of Love. Adrian


  2. Lee-Anne Breward

    Great photo’s, is this bringing back good memoirs of you cycling hay-days or is it harder? Keep on going. Best wishes Lee-Anne


  3. Lots of memories, Lee-Anne, but these first three days have been incredibly hard. Today was not so bad, 40kms, but half was downhill.


  4. Jeff Winter

    Great pics, and a compelling story! Reading between the lines, you’re having some pretty tough cycling.
    A Mars Bar can save the day. In situations like that, even a Nars Bar would be welcome.


  5. Chris and Bruce

    Looks awesome, and I’m sure great fun. Give those grey nomads something to think about. Keep going and enjoy.


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