Girl On A Bike Pushes Off On Her Northern Jaunt

Day One Tuesday 7th May 2013

Day one on the indeterminate pedal towards Darwin began with a sleepless night brought on by the excitement of the adventure ahead.

Once up and showered we set off by car to rendezvous with fellow pedal pushers Liz and Scott from Kangaroo Island. The bike travelled well on the bike beak throughout the 142km transport to the Clare Valley Race Track set in the beautiful Clare Valley.

The weather couldn’t be better really with 25 deg Celsius forecast and clear skies although a bit of breeze is anticipated during today’s leg. Liz and Scott, aka the Wallaby Runners, arrived at the race track last night and camped on the camp site at the track. Every trip has a story of mishaps survived and this is no different. Happily settled in their tent and dozing blissfully Liz and Scott were woken during the night by the unmistakable sound of machine gun fire!

Never fear, no machine guns, just the programmed watering of the racecourse environs using impact sprinklers. The entire camp ground was drenched, including all the caravans and any fools in tents. I wonder if anyone thought to warn the campers!!

When I arrived we were astounded to find a lonesome ground cover on the grass, drenched of course, and their tent drying under the verandah of the stewards room in the sun. Lucky it was good drying weather.

Eventually, at 10-15 am, everything was dry, bikes were loaded and admired by the more civilized and all-knowing campers at the track and departure was imminent. To see a summary of the preparations and official launch check out the video and photos below. Target, announced by Scott was 45 kms.

First Night spent at Burra Caravan Park. Trip distance was 40 kms.

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One thought on “Girl On A Bike Pushes Off On Her Northern Jaunt

  1. Lee-Anne Breward

    Great to see that you did’nt get soaked as well. Have a great trip and can’t wait for the next update. Bye for now.


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