January 2017

Kangaroo Island is so beautiful, it is difficult to stop taking photos. Here are a few of my favourites.

A scene from beautiful American River.

Similar scene but framed by an old kiosk opening.

I do love interesting trees, this one is over the water from American River.

Hardly needs an introduction.

I just love the colour of the boat and how it mixes in with the water and sky.

Not particularly photographic, but Liz decided to take me out in the canoe for a paddle. With much instruction about how to paddle, which went in one ear and out the other, sorry Liz.  However, we didn’t capsize.  Yeah I have done it a few times now.

Here we are at a better angle.  This is Pelican Lagoon, which lies alongside their property.  Hmm, not a bad part of the world. One thing about being on a smallish island, it is as if the rest of the world ceases to exist, I think that is one of the positives of the place, you can really escape.  Even have to drive up the road to get mobile reception.

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15/01/2017 – In American River

Local fair at American River, Kangaroo Island.  A chance for the Dragon Boat club to share their passion and give others a go.

Someone has to carry it to the water.  ‘Sorry I’m taking photos’.

Beautiful head of the boat.

Liz at the front beating the drum to keep everybody together.

Scott at the back steering.  And in between are the newbies and a few experienced paddlers to make sure that they get back to shore safely.

And off they go. Believe me, this is far from easy, they had me out at a practice earlier in the week and it is hard work.  I am used to paddling my own boat (so to speak, and riding my own ride) and going at my own pace, but in a team sport like this everyone has to keep together. So no choice but to keep paddling to the boom of that wretched drum and nurse your aching muscles the next day.  A good experience, but not for me. Still Liz and Scott are off to Tasmania in October for the Dragon Boat Championships so they must be keen.

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13/1/2017 – I am back in South Australia, visiting friends

This is the front view of the beautiful stone cottage that I am sleeping while on Kangaroo Island with Liz and Scott.  Complete with mezzanine floor, Scott is now building an extension in order to house more WWOOFers.

View of the work in progress, to the left will be a shower block, in the middle is the new extension for bunk beds, and to the right is the original from the back of the building.

I slept in the extension, as the original cottage is being used for storage (and it’s full).  You can search on the category “Kangaroo Island” to check on their progress.

And here’s the garden for now, slightly overgrown as Liz and Scott have been cycling overseas for a few months, but they will soon get it back in shape.

I was amazed at the number of potatoes all over the garden, they are growing like weeds, the entire garden has potato plants growing between other vegetables.  I couldn’t resist collecting a few.

Some parts are a bit more ordered, I helped with the weeding.

Liz is working to get more seedlings into the garden before the weather turns and it is too late.

More produce that likes to grow unaided.

And this is how you try and keep the possums out.  Unfortunate if they get in, because then they have a hard time finding their way out again.  Great times as always.

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1/1/2017 – Goodbye and Good Luck to Marshall

Introducing Marshall, one of our members, Marshall has recently bought this recumbent cycle with the aim of cycling to Sydney.  Here he is at our Augusta Camp, having cycled down from Perth over a few days, he is now off back to Perth. This is his trial trip to get ready for the big event, cycling from Perth to Sydney – we all wish him well on his dream. Leaving on 1st April, and I hear he is now in Clare, SA (4/5/2017).  Great endeavour Marshall, and many of your friends are thinking of you.

Just saying a few goodbyes.

and he’s off.

The next day as Linda and I were driving home, we passed Marshall and then saw this guy WALKING up the road.  Amazingly there was a petrol station about 500 metres ahead, so we stopped to say hello to the weary travelers.

Old Mate told us that he had walked over from Queensland! and this was his way of life.  He had a chat with Marshall and then was on his way.  Look at the muscles on those legs!

Admiring each other’s equipment.  That trailer has seen a few kms.  So lucky there was a place to pull over nearby of we could not have stopped.

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