15/01/2018 – A wet, cloudy day

I must say that ‘sit in’ kayaks are way better than ‘sit on’ ones. You get this thing called a ‘skirt’ which goes around your middle and hooks onto the kayak hole, so your legs don’t get wet.  What a great idea!

However, when it is raining and windy, there is still a certain amount that goes down the back of your neck and runs up your sleeves as you paddle.  I did at least manage to stay upright, although I was sure I was going to tip up at times. The wind driven waves were quite ferocious and when the kayak got side on it started to roll over. Luckily, I stayed moderately dry.  I would not have been impressed to be dumped in the river at this stage.

The rain was relentless and we did not go a huge distance. See my previous blog on Stand Up Paddling the Moore River, I have been here a few times previously and traveled a farther distance from upriver to the mouth.

The next day thankfully, dawned much clearer and we were able to have another kayak upriver and have further look around.

Much more civilized.

Nice calm water, that’s more like it.

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14/01/2018 – Off to do some Kayaking

Immediately after the Triathlon Enticer at Rockingham, David and I picked up the kayaks and drove to Guilderton where the Moore River hits the sea.

A beautiful spot, you can just see the sand bank that is keeping the river from entering the sea at the moment.

We were ready for a quiet afternoon after such a busy and early morning.

The early sunset looked promising, so I started taking photographs.

A fabulous evening, and a golden sun.

Still getting brighter, and looking glorious.

Then everything turned a pinky purple colour and night started to set in.

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14/01/2018 – No I did not enter this event!

However, I did go and watch and never having seen anything remotely like this before I thought it was interesting enough to make a blog about.  The Enticer event is designed to encourage those who haven’t yet worked up to a full triathlon, it consists of a 250m swim, a 10km ride and a 2km run.

Very early on a Sunday morning, everyone arrives and puts their bike into a very special designated spot which only their bike is allowed in.  They also put their gear for cycling beside their bike, the object being to make the changeover from swimming to cycling as quickly as possible.

The swimmers go off in groups, depending on age and event I think. They wear different coloured caps so you can tell the difference.

Sorry this photo is a bit blurred, but I liked the way it shows the massive boats in the distance, probably waiting to go into the port of Rockingham or just leaving. You can see the wave of swimmers has stretched out, and there is a life guard paddling alongside the group.

Ah, here comes a healthy looking specimen striding up the sand to the bike station (this is friend David).

This looks like organised chaos as swimmers try to get into their cycling gear and out of their swimming gear as quickly as possible, then they have to wheel their bikes out and onto the start line for their cycle. If you look very carefully you can see David struggling into his cycling shoes but I promised not to embarrass him.

Here we are starting on our cycle ride.

And here we have almost finished the run.

And after the race, here is David and his identical twin, Matthew discussing the finer points of the event. Looks riveting!  Immediately following this David and I set off to Moore River with two kayaks to spend a few days on the river.  No rest for the wicked!!

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2/01/18 – The time has come to head home

A few girls had planned to break the trip home with a stop over at Stockton Lake near Collie, this sounded like a good idea so I asked if I could join them.

The lake was once an old open-cut coal mine which is now filled with water to form an artificial lake, it has a maximum depth of 32m.

There was a great camping site which until only recently was free but now one has to pay $6.00 per person per night.

We had a nice relaxing evening and early next morning I got up to take some photos before leaving.

and one more….

Yes, we did have a swim but notices warned against swallowing or submerging in the water.

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