5/9/2017 – About a girl called Linda

Now blogs are for stories about life, whether they are happy or sad, good news or bad news, we can’t leave out the unfortunate ones that tell a tale of woe.

Linda was a woman who was very partial to campervans.

This is Hermione, who saw Linda through a few faithful years of travelling and lots of fun.

Yes, Hermione was a great work horse, trusty and solid.  But Linda was looking for more….

And so, Hermione was sold and replaced with this gorgeous looking creature, wine red, shiny and polished.

So polished that she reflected right back at you.    Then one evening, not long after her purchase…. Linda came home late, tired and forgetful.  Parked up the steep drive and went in to bed.

The next morning, all was normal until Linda received a phone call from the police, “Is your van at your place of residence?”, Linda went out to check, OMG it’s been stolen.  But NO, it had gracefully rolled backwards down the drive, over the road, up the opposite kerb and down the embankment, to rest peacefully against an enormous tree.  Oh dear.

Two tow trucks were needed to pull the van out of the hole, back wheels locked up, side panel ruined, back doors ruined, floor buckled, back axle stuffed, oh dear.

It might not look much, but this van was a write off.  Lucky Linda had comprehensive insurance with RAC, who were very helpful and paid out in full within a week.

So endeth the first lesson in parking, always make sure that your hand brake is on and that your vehicle is also in gear (as a precautionary measure).  Anyone wanting to contribute to the wake will be gratefully received!!!!

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22/7/2017 – Christmas in July Camp – Action Outdoors Association

Lovely photo of friends Anne and Kevin having a rest during our Saturday morning bushwalk.

It’s really the only time I can take photos – when we all stop, otherwise I get left behind and have to sprint to catch up with the others.

Beautiful Lilly Pilly tree right beside the cottage where we stayed.

Peacocks that roam around Fairbridge.

Socializing at the annual Christmas in July party on the Saturday evening.  Some members dress up.

Here is Cathy dressed as a sack!!!   Des is examining her decorations.

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3/06/2017 – Camping at Nanga, near Dwellingup

Action Outdoors Association planned a camp for the long weekend in June at Nanga Bush Camp.

Great facilities, see the bedrooms above and the dining room below.  Note also the “Bush Pig” heater, which is bottom left, had to be fed wood and pumped out a wonderful heat.

This was a weekend for bushwalking, so we made the most of it.  Beautiful scenery, we walked from Nanga into Dwellingup using the Bibbulumen track in parts.

Here are Huilin and Liz checking out compass readings.

And my first chance to test out my Christmas walking poles.  Yes, they work great.

Taking a break on the verandah at the end of a long day.

Off on a bike ride the next day, here are some members having lunch by the River Murray, WA.

Here we all are having supper one night, get a closer look at the Bush Pig heater.  A great weekend.

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20/08/2017 – Tom and Phillip in the real world

This is the one and only photo I managed to get of Phillip on my last visit to Adelaide.  He is very happy working at Supashock, Magill,   for anyone interested, making shock absorbers for racing cars and military vehicles  Phillip is in his second year out of University as a Mechanical Engineer and is loving the work, the responsibility and the design.  A very busy young man, he has taken the transition from student to employee and run with it.  Go Phillip.

Tom is working on turning his Honours Project into a small business.  Called Stemtap, the system provides a platform for play and problem based pedagogies to teach children in a meaningful way.  Seems to involve a lot of coding, which is the current catch phrase in education these days.  Above photo is Tom and his colleague giving a presentation.

Here we have Tom in his office, looking busy. Although I do think that is a big jar of coffee on his desk!  Anyway he is very busy this year and only just has time to play footy.

Here he is kicking a ‘booter’, how well I remember the days when Tom, Phillip and Jamali played footy out the back of the house, Jamali was always convinced that every kick of his was a ‘booter’.

Here is Tom, showing us that he can run as well.

And this is what you do after your game of footy, a tradition since they were four years old.  Go Tom.  The twins will turn 24 in October, where did that time go?

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